Graduation season is upon us. In the next two weeks, one of my step-sons is graduating from high school and the other is graduating from medical school. And, let's face it... graduation is really exciting for the one second you or your kid graduates, but can be a little bit boring for the other three hours.

Now, I'm not telling you to sneak in a pair of earbuds and listen to this phenomenal graduation playlist while everyone else has their one second in the spotlight and throughout that captivating speaker's diatribe about... whatever... but I'm not going to judge you if that's what you choose to do.

Bobby and I spent a good part of the morning reminiscing about our own graduation songs and trying to come up with a playlist that screams "SCHOOL IS OVER! WE DID IT! HOORAY!"

It was really fun because it brought back so many memories. Hoping you get all warm and fuzzy inside, too!

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