In a year when just about everything was either postponed, canceled, cut back or eliminated - especially when it came to non-profit organizations - it would make sense to assume that Girl Scout cookie sales would be down. The opposite was true actually - maybe Girl Scout cookies were just what the Tri-State needed because folks were buying them up at a record pace, a record-breaking pace actually.

The Girl Scouts of Southwestern Indiana recently held a ceremony to recognize the young woman who sold the most cookies - the official 2021 Cooke Boss. That young woman is Addy, an 8th grader from Newburgh. It seems like Addy made their decision an easy one. Not only did she sell the most cookies of the year, Addy smashed the all-time record for most cookies sold by an individual.  The previous record was 2,453 packages, Miss Addy ended the year with a total of 4,051 packages sold - that is BOSS level!

I think it's only fitting that we hear from the boss herself - Addy says “I really wanted to be the top seller at least once while being a Girl Scout. I set my goal at 3,000 and still can‟t believe how far past it I went. My troop and I did have some challenges this year because of COVID. We did everything we could to make customers feel comfortable, like doing more online sales and taking orders and dropping them off on their porches to remain contactless.”

Addy pics

Addy's mom, Kaycie, had this to say about the young cookie queen, “Addy has always been an ambitious cookie entrepreneur. She has been a top-5 seller for the past three years in a row, and this year she set her goal even higher and impressed us all with her 100+hours of hard work. Before the program started this year we weren‟t sure how it would go, but as soon as cookies arrived, the community was there supporting Girl Scouts and buying cookies.”

Congratulations Addy, you are indeed a BOSS!

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