Last month we told you about little Charlotte in Newburgh, and how she agreed to get weekly allergy shots so her brother could keep his therapy dog – well, earlier this week, Jonah was scheduled to have surgery. So, his mom and brother did a ‘Safe’ Target run at the Eastside Target to get him a little care package.

Nate had picked up a book that actually wanted, but the family’s budget didn’t allow for him to get it. So, Nate handed the book back to Cassie, the cashier, but she didn’t put it away. She started looking through it, Nate’s mom assumed she was looking for a coupon. Then, she handed the book back to him. She said, “He deserves it. I’ve got it”.

Nate was so touched. He had tears in his eyes. His mom, Ashley, says, “I’m so grateful for this experience for him to see pure kindness in action. I thanked the cashier and said we’d definitely pay it forward.”

Nathan came home and immediately wrote in the book ‘Someone nice named Cassie got this for me.’

To Cassie at the Eastside Target – we thank you.

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