If you're looking for the new love of your life get to the Petsmart's National Adoption Weekend February 28 - March 1,2020. This weekend is a National Pet Adoption Weekend at PetSmart stores all across the US and Canada! There will be over 2,000 shelters & rescues all over the country with adoptable pets looking for their forever homes, including right here in the Tristate at the Evansville location!

National Pet Adoption Weekend is a great opportunity for you to add a furry member to your family and share your home with a 4-legged friend! Stop out Friday, Saturday or Sunday February 28 - March 1,2020.

If you can't make it out to PetSmart but are interested in adopting a new 4-legged friend, you may find what your looking for here:

All of these locations have adoptable dogs and cats. Some even have small animals for adoption as well.

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