A haunted cocktail party will be happening in Nashville just in time for the Halloween season.

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Nashville, Tennessee

One of the things I love about the Tri-State area is we are very close to several large cities.  Nashville is just a short drive, about 2.5 hours from here.   And there's so much to do in Nashville.  Whether you're looking for a fun place to go bar hopping, or are looking for a more family-friendly adventure, there's no shortage of things to do in Nashville.  One event coming up definitely caught my attention, because it's a haunted cocktail soiree.  Sign me up!

Nashville's Haunted Soiree

On select dates throughout the month of October, the J.B. Daniel House in Nashville will be turned into an immersive macabre experience with everything from live entertainment, ghost stories, cocktails, and even fancy chocolates, because what's Halloween without candy?

Haunted Soiree: A Macabre Cocktail Party is a free-roam cocktail party inside of a historically haunted venue.  It’s a night of themed mini-cocktails, extravagant entertainment, music, macabre magic, surreal specters and interactive guest experiences.  A truly unique, 21+ Halloween Event for Grown-Ups!

Google Maps/Canva (J.B. Daniels House)
Google Maps/Canva (J.B. Daniel House)

According to the Haunted Soiree's website, the event is a free-roaming one where you can roam about the venue.  They say throughout the house you'll encounter different ghosts who each have their own story to tell.  By listening to the stories you'll be able to piece together the mystery of the dark force that haunts the venue.  You're also encouraged to dress up for the event.

When you arrive, you’ll be free to experience the events of the evening at your own leisure.  You may simply choose to indulge in the included mini-cocktail tastings, enjoy the live shows and roaming entertainment; or you might decide to dig a little deeper and uncover the surreal ghost story that lies at the heart of it all.  Guests are encouraged to dress up for the evening, be it in costume, cocktail attire, or your favorite time-period clothing!

If you want to attend the Haunted Soiree, you can find everything you need to know and ticket information, here. 

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