Tis time! Part of the cast of Hocus Pocus is heading to Nashville!

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I Smell (90s) Children

The story of how Hocus Pocus went from a box office flop to a cult classic is one of my favorites.  You see Hocus Pocus was originally released in theaters in July of 1993, that also happens to be when Jurassic Park hit theaters.  Obviously, a Halloween move in July going against Jurassic Park the odds were not in Hocus Pocus' favor.  However after the movie became a TV staple around Halloween time, the rest is history.  I grew up in the 90s, and I remember watching Hocus Pocus every Halloween season, and to this day it's one of my favorite movies.  To say I gasped when I saw this announcement is an understatement!

So light the Black Flame Candle and let's head to Nashville!

Partial Hocus Pocus Cast Reunion Heading to Nashville Horror Con

Evansville's inaugural Horror Con took place in March of 2023, and it was so successful, that not only does Evansville Horror Con need a bigger venue for 2024 (more on that here), but the founders of Horror Con also expanded to the horror-themed convention to music city.

Nashville Horror Con will take place July 21st through 22nd, 2024 and the first celebrity guest announcement is already huge as it's a trio of cast members from Hocus Pocus! Omri Katz who you know as Max Dennison,  Vanessa Shaw who you know as Allison, and of course Jason Marsden who you know as Binx!

Courtesy of Nashville Horror Con
Courtesy of Nashville Horror Con

Here is what Nashville Horror Con has to say about the exciting reunion:

Nashville, I smell Children…..Get ready for a bunch of hocus pocus at Nashville Horror Con on July 20-21, 2024, held at The Fairgrounds Nashville! We're brewing up a magical time with some special guests straight out of your favorite '90s Halloween Flick. Join us in welcoming Jason Marsden, Omri Katz, and Vinessa Shaw, all part of the enchanting cast that brought us laughs, scares, and a certain spellbinding atmosphere. 🕯️ Grab your black flame candles and your witchiest attire, because this is a weekend you won't want to miss! See you there, tickets are on sale now at www.NashvilleHorror.com

Tickets on Sale Now

Tickets for both the Evansville Horror Con and Nashville Horror Con are on sale now.  You can check out the Evansville Horror Con website, here and the Nashville Horror COn website, here for ticket information.  Evansville Horror Con has already announced a few guests, including Art the Clown from the Terrifier franchise!  Both cons are already shaping up to be exciting for horror fans in the community!


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