How can you say no to this adorable puppy?! BROOKS is our Fursday Pet of the Week and he's ready for adoption now at It Takes a Village Canine Shelter!

BROOKS is a 3-month-old big dog mix (not exactly sure) that has all the energy and love and cuteness that you'd expect from a puppy. Our recommendation is that you get to It Takes a Village asap because we can't imagine that it will take too long for BROOKS to get adopted. Just keep in mind that he is a puppy with a lot of energy and curiosity. Remember that puppies chew on things and makes messes sometimes...and they also grow into bigger dogs.

We're sure that once you meet BROOKS you're going to fall in love. And if BROOKS isn't the right fit your your home, maybe there's another dog at ITV that is. Stop by and see them all on Stockwell Road.

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