My husband, Mike, decided to call last week and book a reservation for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants for Valentine's Day.  They informed him they had no availabilities until after 9pm that night.  So, guess what he did? 



As soon as I got home from work, Mike told me about his dilemma about making dinner reservations for Valentine's Day.  We either eat out late or do something else!   So, we discussed several options:

  1. Book a reservation after 9pm at My favorite eatery
  2. I could make us dinner at home or he could make us dinner on Valentine's night
  3. We could go out on Monday night before Valentine's Day
  4. We could go out to eat over the weekend before Valentine's Day and really beat the crowd!

We chose number 4 and decided to really beat the crowd!  We decided to eat out Sunday before Valentine's Day!  And we had no problem getting a table at one of my favorite restaurants - Biaggi's!  (Biaggi's was listed #2 on the Top 10 Best Restaurants in Evansville).

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