I remember selling Girl Scout cookies back in my scouting days walking door to door mostly around our neighborhood.  I sold bunches of them too!  I still enjoy the peanut butter sandwich cookies, but my all-time favorite Girl Scout cookie is:  

the Thin Mints! I can't seem to get enough of these delicious, chocolaty, crunchy, minty morsels.  I bought 2 boxes from Bobby G's daughter, and I'm close to opening up that 2nd box already.

And recently, I discovered the Girl Scout's Thin Mint cereal in the grocery store!  Yum!  I guess you could say I have a Thin Mint addiction.  #GirlScoutCookies  #ThinMintsAreMyFavorite  #Ineedmore #supportyourlocalGirlScouts

Girl Scout Thin Mints cereal and cookies
Girl Scout Thin Mints cereal and cookies

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