All of us love our Holiday Tree here in the studios at My 105.3 WJLT including our guests that visit us.  What started out as our beloved Christmas tree is now the "Holiday" tree.  See what the newly decorated look is for this month!  

Tah Dah!  It's our "Lucky" St. Patrick's Day Holiday Tree complete with flashing green shamrock necklaces, a "Lucky" hat, and more.  If you would like to help decorate our tree with more "lucky" shamrocks or whatever, send them to us!  (We think it needs some more green!) Our address is Townsquare Media, My 105.3 WJLT, 20 NW 3rd Street, 6th floor, Evanville, IN  47708.  #StPatricksDayTree

St. Patty's Day Tree; credit by Deb Turner