It's a story we've heard too many times in the past, when it comes to our favorite professional sports. Really, really rich owners and really rich players can't seem to agree on certain things, and us not-at-all-rich fans have to pay for it. I don't mean we literally have to pay for it, but we are the ones that suffer when the season is postponed or cut short. Actually, we would love to have something to pay for, literally - I'm talking about tickets, concessions, apparel, cable packages, etc.

The situation above is what's happening right now in Major League Baseball. Everyone agrees that we want a season in 2020, even if it's shortened and doesn't look like what we're used to. The problem is that the only two groups of people who can actually make the season happen, the players and the owners, can't get on the same page. What is one of the big issues being disputed? You guessed it, money - how much players should be paid for a shortened season. which leads MLB commission Rob Manfred to say that is "not confident" that the 2020 season can be saved.

In light of the current situation, MLB commission Rob Manfred says he is "not confident" that the 2020 season can be saved. That comment is pretty much a 180 from what he said to ESPN last week, “The most important thing is that we play Major League Baseball in 2020 and I can tell you, unequivocally, we are going to play Major League Baseball this year...100 percent (we are going to play baseball in 2020).” Can things really go downhill that quickly in just one week?

The NBA is supposed to start back up in July...the NFL season should happen (pretty much) like normal this fall, and it's possible that MLB won't have a season at all. That is absolutely ridiculous, especially when you consider that baseball is the one team sport in America that best lends itself to social distancing. You got nine guys spread out over a big field, with very little contact with each other or their opponents. The one thing we thought might ruin the season (Coronavirus), is really a non-issue for baseball. The issue is the one we've seen disrupt too many seasons in the past - the almighty dollar. That makes this baseball fan sad.

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