September is suicide prevention month, and while it's certainly not something we want or enjoy thinking about, it is most definitely important, and the problem doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon.

Recognizing a month when we can learn more about suicide - what kind of signs to look for, and how to help friends and family who might be struggling - is, and will always be important, but it feels like the need is greater than ever in 2020.

Earlier this year, at the beginning of all this virus/quarantine/shutdown/turn you life upside down nonsense, we talked with several health care professionals about how we can take care of ourselves, including our mental health. Yes, things have gotten better for a lot of people, but there are still a lot of people who are really struggling through our current situation. You might be one of them - and that's why we wanted to revisit the topic of mental health.

Ashley Johnson is an author and public speaker, educating folks about how we should treat our own mental health and the health of those important people in our lives. She joined us on the MY Morning Show where she discussed some practical and easy ways for all of us to get through rough times. What should I do if I'm struggling, and what should I do if a loved one approaches me with their struggles? Ashley addresses those questions and other during our interview that you can hear below.

Ashley Johnson interview about suicide and mental health

I absolutely love the last thing Ashley said, "There are no magic words...use the words you do know." Hopefully we can remember that when we're faced with an awkward or difficult conversation.

Here is Ashley's TED Talk from late last year. Who would've thought the subject matter would be more relevant that ever just a few months later?

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Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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