Today on Facebook I saw a plea that McCutchanville Fire Department had posted.  Every year they have a Brotherhood Chili event to raise money for charity. This year instead of a formal charity, they will be giving all proceeds to help a firefighter who was recently injured in an accident. Here's how you can help! 

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I'm sure you remember just a few years ago when McCutchanville Fire Department suffered a devastating loss when they lost one of their own, Jeremy R. Tighe. The event is held every year on the anniversary of that loss to bring firefighters together and raise money for a good cause.  This year they had originally planned to give the money to the ISP k-9 program, but have made a change to help chosen to donate all of the money raised from the chili sales to the German Township Firefighter who was recently injured in a vehicle accident and is currently in critical condition.  You can join them and help on Sunday February 19, by purchasing some chili from noon until 5PM at the McCutchanville fire station 10 on N. St. Joe.

Here's what they said on Facebook:


Yesterday evening the fire community was shook as we were informed that a member of the German Township Fire Department was involved in a motor vehicle accident. This incident occurred on the west side of Evansville and left the firefighter in critical condition at Deaconess Hospital.

The members of our county fire departments continue to step up to the needs of our communities. When disasters occur, these individuals drop everything at a moments notice to fight for the lives and property of those who call. They do this and ask for nothing in return.

It's at this moment, that one of our firefighters is now fighting for his life. The injuries sustained in his accident have required operations and expensive medical equipment. We are turning to the community to step up and assist us as we raise money to help pay for the medical expenses of this firefighter through his journey.

Every year the McCutchanville Fire Department hosts a Brotherhood Chili Event on the Sunday before February 22nd. This date being the 5 year anniversary of McCutchanville Fire Department LODD Jeremy R. Tighe. The event is held every year to bring our firefighters together and raise money for a good cause.

This year we had chosen to donate the proceeds to the ISP K-9 program. With the recent events occurring, we have chosen to donate all of the money raised from the chili sales to the German Township Firefighter. Please join with us at McCutchanville Fire Station 10 on 7707 N. Saint Joseph Ave and purchase some chili for a great cause. The event will go from noon until 5p.m. on 2/19/17.

Chief Reitz & Career Firefighter Jeremy Nelson
McCutchanville Fire Department

If you can't make it to the chili event, there is a Go Fund Me set up to help Lt. Chris Taylor. You can find that here.  Also The Red Cross is holding a blood drive for German Township Fire Department. You can click here to go to the donation page, enter code 0244515. This takes you directly to the site for German Township's donation days. You pick your day and time and show up.


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