I knew this announcement was coming. I held out a little glimmer of hope, especially after hearing the news that our great state of Indiana gets to move into the next phase of reopening a couple of days early. But, it looks like we may not get to see any live music in the near future.

We were really looking forward to seeing everyone this summer but we must put everyone’s safety first. So, sadly, we will be rescheduling all North American dates until next year.

We’ll be announcing 2021 dates as soon as possible.

Please stay safe and healthy and we look forward to seeing you in 2021.

- Rob, Kyle, Brian, Paul Matchbox Twenty

As the self-proclaimed biggest Matchbox 20 fan, this has me...As the kids say 'SHOOK'. It's 2020 for pete's sake. I even declared it the 'Year of Matchbox 20'. I can already hear my husband telling me that I've seen them a million times, what's the big deal?

Well, there's just something about being in the same theatre or stadium as your favorite artist, and being surrounded by like-minded fans. All of us singing every song and sharing the moment. I always like to try and guess the setlist, and what covers they might take on. Not to mention, that I joined the fan club, and scored some pretty close seats.

Itunes does have a MB20 show from 2012, I highly recommend it, if you are arm-deep in a bag of cookies right now. It's a time of sadness, these calories don't count, right? Actually, I guess I'll settle in to a marathon of 'Guys Grocery Games'. You can't be sad when Guy's on T.V.

But really, I look forward to two major things every year: Vacation and Concerts. I'm expecting a call from Disney any day now, canceling our June trip. I'm scared to look 2020 in the eye and ask 'WHAT ELSE'?! I know things can be worse, but please give me and my fellow Matchbox fans a little time to sulk. Ashley McReynolds, I'm thinking of you in 'These Hard Times'.

Here's one of my faves that we don't hear very often.

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If 2020 Were A Person

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