It is a really exciting time for downtown Evansville – it’s actually been exciting for the past few years, but since we lost an entire year, it almost feels like we’re starting all over again in 2021. What makes it so exciting? A lot of stuff. I could you the basics, but you didn’t come here for the basics. You need details, and I know just the guys to give them to you.

Josh Armstrong is the President of the Downtown Evansville Economic Improvement District, and Adam Trinkle is the Marketing & Events Director – we invite them to come on the MY Morning Show each month to let us know what’s going down downtown.

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This month we’re talking about markets and murals and fireworks, oh my! The Market on Main is back, happening every Wednesday through September. We’ve had some really talented artists add vibrant colors to the downtown landscape. And we’re excited to learn about the return of one of the most popular events every year. Well, those are the basics – even though I said you didn’t want them – so now it’s time for the details from Josh and Adam. Tale a listen to our conversation.

Downtown Evansville Economic Improvement District interview

The goal/vision for the Downtown Evansville Economic Improvement District is to eventually “be acknowledged as the most vibrant urban district in the region, filled with unparalleled opportunities in which to live, work, learn, dine, invest and play among great public spaces, happy people and thriving businesses. We will be a resilient neighborhood, which cares for its own, as well as one that drives individual, family, organizational, city-wide and regional growth, prosperity and development.”

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