You might think it's silly but, at this point, it shouldn't surprise you to hear that the bumbling wabbit hunter Elmer Fudd will NOT have his rifle in new episodes of Looney Tunes cartoons. The always-angry Yosimite Sam will also be without his trusty pistols. Looney Tunes executive producer Peter Browngardt says, “We’re not doing guns.”

Elmer and his arch nemesis Bugs Bunny are featured in a clip called "Dynamite Dance," part of a collection of shorts available on the new HBO Max streaming service.

Okay, can we just get into this for a second? Please tell me I'm not the only one that thinks this is pretty doggone ridiculous? I mean, where do I begin? You take away Elmer's gun, and you replace it with a friggin' scythe, which in my opinion, looks way more menacing. And the name of the episode is "Dynamite Dance," with dynamite being the key word. A gun isn't okay, but an endless supply of dynamite is? Seems a wee bit hypocritical to me.

Remember, we're talking about cartoons here, a form of entertainment that pretty much relies on violence - but no one ever really gets hurt. What the clip above again, and notice how many times Elmer gets his face blown up by dynamite, and then he's back to normal in the very next frame. Someone please tell me the difference between Elmer Fudd shooting at, and missing, Bugs Bunny, and Elmer Fudd swinging a scythe at, and missing, Bugs Bunny?

And if you thought Yosemite Sam was mad before, imagine how ticked he is now that doesn't have his guns. How's he going to express that anger if he can't shoot into the ground so much that it lifts him into the air? And what about our old friends Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner? Their relationship is based on violence. But again, no one ever dies, regardless of the weaponry or methods used. So, again I ask, why is a cartoon gun (that never, ever, ever hits its target) worse than dynamite, blades, booby traps and other forms of violence?

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