Last week, as I was pouring through my child's Student Handbook, I came across a paragraph that kind of surprised me. The words, "Corporal Punishment" initially caught my eye.


I was surprised to learn that there's nothing in Indiana state law that prohibits corporal punishment in schools. Indiana is one of 19 states that allow corporal punishment in schools, according to the Center for Effective Discipline. According to Code Section: 20-8.1-5.1-3, teachers can take disciplinary action as necessary to promote orderly student conduct in the same manner a parent may. It's up to the school district if and how they will use corporal punishment.

Seventeen Kentucky counties still employ corporal punishment practices as well to discipline students. The articles states that, "Seven districts used it less than 10 times, and three districts used it more than 35 times in 2016-17, according to data from Kentucky Youth Advocates."

During the 2013-2014 school year, 30 schools in 17 public Indiana school districts recorded a total of 239 instances of corporal punishment and over 75,000 suspensions. The above paragraph states that the corporal punishment is in lieu of suspension, meaning your child wouldn't miss class time. You can choose to opt out of the corporal punishment and instead punish your child by missing school and assignments which can put them behind in their grades as well. My child's district has made it clear that though the schools don't employ the practice of physically disciplining students, it's still in this year's handbook.

I clearly remember a couple of kids in elementary school who made their way to the principal's office routinely for spankings. They had to wait their turn on "The Red Bench," which was reserved for over achievers (ME) receiving accolades and awards, sick children awaiting a parent to pick them up, and those about to walk the green (or in this case red) mile.

So, this week, we asked our listeners how they felt about corporal punishment in our schools. I don't know of any local schools that still employ physical punishment tactics but it does happen in our states. Here's what YOU had to say!

Joseph Hortin It might be legal but if a teacher does that, it will be all over the news and the parent will sue the school system

Mary Nosko Hibbs Might be helpful for some kids. But this kind of punishment should be discussed with the parents first.

Cara Hoffman I about fell out of my seat when I got a paper to sign for the teachers to do this with my preschooler I didn't know it was still possible no I don't want my child apank by his teacher. I don't think it should be an option

Andreasaurus Rex I used to work in a school in Tennessee and they still practice the corporal punishment...what people who don't have it don't understand is that permission slips are sent home at the beginning of the year so you have the right to opt out of it if you DO NOT want your child spanked. After seeing it first hand I believe it is a good thing to have, with it there was less violence, more time for the teacher to teach to the students who actually want to learn, and they were never allowed to spank a child without a witness so there never was any concern of someone abusing their power. They had to fill out forms for why the child received the punishment that had to be signed by them and the witness.

Lynn Simpson Maserejian Wait! What? I was not aware this was still practiced. As a child who with a school that had a corporal punishment, I can tell you that it can be grossly misused.
Not even our law-enforcement are allowed to use battery as a tool to *punish* criminals. Why would we allow our children to be punished in such a way?

Rick Beirman If the parents took care of things properly at home as far as discipline 9 times out of 10 they wouldn’t need paddles at school. As we know most parents don’t for whatever reason. But yes I got paddled a few times my parents said if I got a spanking at school I had one coming at home. Now as a parent I don’t think the school should practice it let me know what they’ve done and I will handle it at home

Diana L.Davis I think it should be put back in schools. The government has no right to tell a parent if or not they should or can spank their child. Problem today is there either isn't any discipline at all or the kids are being beat. Big difference between discipline or abuse

Jenny Pope I completely disagree with someone else punishing my child like that. Touch him and I will get an attorney.

Skyler W Embry If my kids being horrible in school, I would not mind if the teacher spanked him. They are with the kids all day and if they can't discipline the troublemakers think will get out of hand fast.

So how do you feel about Corporal Punishment in Indiana Schools? Would or did you opt out? We want your opinions today!

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