When you explore the Children's Museum of Evansville, do you find yourself thinking that it's 'The funnest place around'? Or, that suddenly your frown has turned upside down? Those are just some of the fun lyrics in the brand new song, 'A CMOE Vibe' by Theophilus Akai. Akia is this month's Artist in Residence at cMoe. He will be playing some of his original music and faves that all the kids know, every Saturday through March 21, 2020.


The amount of dancing in this short montage is testament to how much fun we had creating this record! A lot of work and long hours go into making songs so thanks to my daughter Amiyah and Briyah and the other kids involved! We didn't film my two 4-year-old boys because it was a bit hectic getting them to learn and deliver their parts. Thanks to Dekar Baker for his many voices and my wife Kimberly Akai for letting us do us. Be on the lookout for this tune and many more to come! The kids are always the future, protect them and teach them!

Thanks to CNZ Audio for the great pedals that were used on some guitar tracks. HeadRush pedalboard for my main tones! Anatomy of Sound picks for the licks!

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