What makes a movie really memorable - the story, the acting, the action, the romance? All of these things, yes, but there is one essential element that cannot be undervalued - the music. A great soundtrack can take a good movie and make it even better, as you'll see with some of the choices here. Soundtracks can also save the day for a movie that might not otherwise be remembered, and we definitely have a couple of those for you.

For the purposes of this list, we're just talking about soundtracks, as opposed to a movie's score. The score is absolutely a crucial component of a movie - probably more so than the soundtrack - but it's not necessarily as memorable on its own. So, what's the difference? A movie's score is the music (almost always instrumental) that you hear throughout the flick. The music that intensifies during a chase or battle scene - the soft and tender music during a love scene - the music that has you holding your breath during a scary scene. The score is usually written by a conductor and performed by some sort of symphony or orchestra - think of the legendary John Williams score from Star Wars.

A soundtrack, on the other hand is a collection of songs, sung or instrumental, that you might hear throughout the movie. These songs are usually performed by popular musicians or bands - sometimes they are written specifically for a movie, and sometimes they are already established hits.

We asked our listeners to tell us their favorite movie soundtrack. We got a ton of feedback, with several soundtracks getting more than one vote. We've compiled a list of soundtracks that got the most love. Here they are, in alphabetical order so we don't play favorites.

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