What reality show would Lilly want to be on, who’s her fave celebrity & what endorsements are on her dream list? I asked all of the important questions!

I saw my friend, Kim, post this photo of her son, Jackson with Lilly King, and I needed more info about what was going on! Coach Aaron Opell allowed me to watch the Sunday practice, which was day 2 of the clinic for the Newbugh Sea Creatures.

Photo: Kim Clark
Photo: Kim Clark

I had no idea the dedication that families put into swim. The kids put their heart & souls into practice 6 days a week, 3 + hours a day. The parents don’t just drop them off and go. They put in tons of hours volunteering to keep scores, check in, paperwork & more. I have huge respect for this sport & the parents that sacrifice time & $$ for their kid’s passion.

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