Living through a pandemic makes you think about those good ole days, and Susan Glass wants to go back, even if it's just for one night. She thought it would be fun to invite some friends to cruise Green River Road, like we did back in the Eighties. A few invites here and there have now caught the attention of nearly 3,000 people in the Tri-State! We spoke with Susan and she couldn't believe how fast the word spread. She really just wants to spread some positive vibes, while staying socially distant.

My birthday is coming up, and I’m getting married two weeks later. I’m trying to celebrate for the next month. And, for me, not one gift could top a recreate of our green river rd days. Who’s down? All generations welcome, but I’d suggest talking to some of us experienced folks on how it went down every weekend to fully appreciate the experience.

We caught up with Susan to hear more about her epic birthday event. *We did this interview while working remotely, so the audio quality is not what we normally produce*

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Susan has more cruises planned, too!

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