This morning, Patrick Garcia, the lead pastor at Crossroads Christian Church tested his faith a little bit when he entered into the studio with Bobby and Stacey. Stacey might have referred to him as "Reverend Taquito." What can I say, she's an EGR (extra grace required). She also reminded him not to say the "f-word" on air. Because, of course she did. Sigh...

Luckily, Patrick was also able to talk about his sermon series: The Journey of Two. As a regular Crossroads attendee, this has been a fantasic journey. It's like free marriage counseling every week! Seriously, what married couple doesn't need that? And, at the end of June, to round out the sermon series, Crossroads will be hosting a free wedding ceremony for couples who want to be married!

According to their website, The Journey of Two - Wedding Ceremony will take place on Sunday, June 25, 12:30 PM. Show up with your fiancé, a marriage certificate from the state, and we will marry you for free. Bring as many family and friends as you want. We’ll have a photographer and refreshments. Again, this is free! Men, this is a great chance for you step up and show your girl that you’re serious about loving her. 

Wow, this is a GREAT event! And, as with all weddings, you are encouraged to attend marriage counseling prior to the event so you know you are making the best decision for yourself and possibly your family. If you want to get married at Crossroads' free ceremony event, be sure to register!

And here's a list of things you can bring to make your day special!


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