When I book a hotel, I always try to find one that has either an indoor or outdoor pool. But usually, I'm too busy to actually swim in the pool. There is no way that I'm going to wake up at 6 am just to enjoy a swimming pool before it is time to check out of the hotel.

Two Hotels in Louisville, Kentucky Want You in Their Pools

I would imagine that maintaining a pool at a hotel is very expensive. And the struggle to find time to utilize the hotel pool is real, especially if you are only staying a night or two. The Omni Louisville and the Myriad Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky will let you book some pool time, without a standard room reservation.

PHOTO canva Omni Louisville Hotel
PHOTO canva Omni Louisville Hotel

Welcome to Your 'Daycation'

Now you can have a resort experience without actually being on vacation. It's called a daycation and I'm here for it! You could take the day off and spend it basking in the rooftop pool at Omni Louisville for $35.

PHOTO: The Myriad Hotel
PHOTO: The Myriad Hotel

The Myriad Hotel used to be a disco ball factory in the Highlands neighborhood - How cool is that? You can get a day pass for the Swim Club for $10 per person Tuesday through Friday, and $25 per person on Saturday and Sunday.

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PHOTO: The Myriad Hotel
PHOTO: The Myriad Hotel

Make Sure You Read the Fine Print

  • All guests must sign a Waiver of Liability prior to entry
  • Day Pass guests must be 21 years or older
  • No Smoking
  • No Outside Food or Beverage
  • No Pets

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