One thing that people seem to get obsessed with is shoes.  Sneakerheads around the world go crazy anytime any celebrity or professional athlete release a new sneaker that they just have to have.  I can’t say that I am a huge shoe person but I do love that NBA All-Star, Kawi Leonard, has created a show based on one of the best candies of all time.

New Balance and Kawi already have his signature shoe, the New Balance KAWI.  Which was released earlier this year.  Now, they are officially selling the latest addition to his New Balance Collection, the KAWI Jolly Rancher.  Yes, one of the best players currently in the NBA made a shoe based on his favorite candy.  I love it.

He originally debuted the Jolly Rancher shoe back in September during the NBA season in Orlando.  Just a short month and a half later, you can get them for yourself on for $159.99.  As far as NBA player sneakers go, these aren’t too outrageously priced.  They do come in men’s, women’s, and kid’s sizes as well.

As for the look, it’s about what you would expect from a shoe that is based on very colorful candy.  Each flavor of Jolly Rancher seems to be represented all over the shoe.  For more fun, all of the cartoon candy characters are on the tongue as well as on the sole.  Honestly, they have a cool retro 90s look to them.

If you are a sneakerhead these would be a cool addition to your collection.  One, they are New Balance basketball shoes.  Which made a comeback in 2018.  Two, they are KAWIs.  He’s one of the best in the NBA right.  Three, they have Jolly Ranchers on them.  Need I say more?

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