Last month I had the opportunity to meet actor John Schneider right here in Evansville, Indiana. And by opportunity, I mean that I follow him on social media, and tracked him down after he shared a glowing review at the Gerst Haus.

Why Was John Schneider at the Indiana BMV?

When I did catch up to John, he was waiting his turn at the west side BMV. In addition to going straight in for a hug, I had some questions. Why has he been making so many trips to Southern Indiana, and who was the lovely lady with him?

PHOTO - John Schneider | Matt Grisham
PHOTO - John Schneider | Matt Grisham

Is John Schneider Moving to Indiana?

My first logical question was 'Why are you at the BMV? Are you moving to Indiana'? His answer was 'Yes'. So, of course, I asked where in Indiana, and he told me Madison, Indiana!

Why Madison, Indiana?

We had a little exchange about how Madison is known for its historic downtown area, Victorian architecture, friendly community, and how it's the best small town in the Midwest. However, for John Schneider, choosing to move to Indiana has more to do with his heart and new passion for life.

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Photo John Schneider Indiana
Photo John Schneider Indiana

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God's Plan in Motion

John Schneider has been very vocal about how the death of his wife in February of 2023 absolutely broke him. He literally didn't see a reason to go on, until he asked for God's help. He goes more in-depth about that in the Grace Begins podcast.

Who is the Mystery 'Dame'?

During his very candid conversation with Cathy Cardenas and Catherine Sutherland, John mentions that he is in a relationship and that God placed them together for a reason. She is a widow and with John being a widower, they truly understand what it's like to grieve your spouse.


When John was here in Evansville, I also met the mystery woman. Her name is Dee Dee Sorvino. She was married to legendary actor Paul Sorvino until he died in 2022. Dee Dee has had quite the career herself. She's an actress, comedian, and Emmy Award-winning host. Dee Dee is originally from Southern Indiana, and she has been traveling with him to some of the most beautiful spots in Indiana like New Harmony, and Evansville.

"The Mourning Show" with John Schneider and Dee Dee Sorvino

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Actor John Schneider Finds New Love: The Woman Who Stole His Heart is a Hoosier

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