The man in this story is was living in Missouri, but was originally from Iowa. He and his girlfriend at the time were out on one of their first excursions together on a camping trip into Iowa when they realized they were being chased by a dark 'shadow figure'.

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This brand new interview just shared by the Sasquatch Theory podcast describes Shawn's story like this:

Shawn from Iowa joins the podcast to share his paranormal and cryptid encounters that he and his wife have experienced throughout the years

Shawn said that he and his now wife were driving on one of their first trips when she suddenly screamed "drive, drive, drive!". She had seen something. It was near a low-water bridge. Once he got across that bridge, he asked her what she saw. She described a dark figure which resembled...a witch. The shadow figure was outside of her passenger side window. It was tall, dark and shadowy.

That wasn't their only encounter with the supernatural. They began to hear lots of stories from people in his home area of south-central Iowa telling about a shadow figure with a flat-brimmed hat.

Years later, there was a strange happening in their yard. She was outside at night when she heard something walking on the dry ground. She could hear what sounded like large footsteps...'something heavy' in the yard. It was big enough to have blocked the lights behind their house. They figured for something to be that big, it would have to be over 7 feet tall.

The entire interview with Shawn on Sasquatch Theory is compelling as he tells of many encounters he and his wife have had over the years. What was that shadowy figure with the hat that was chasing them and others down the south-central Iowa road? What massive figure blocked the light in their backyard?

The truth is out there.

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