If you want to find the zip code in Illinois that will cost more than any other, you need to find the movie 'Home Alone' on a streaming service because the house in that movie resides there.

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This fun new fact was a part of a new CNBC article that documented the most expensive zip code in each state. For the Land of Lincoln, there's no zip code more expensive than Winnetka. They say the "average" home price is $1,650,000.

If you drive to Winnetka and see a thick black rod-iron fence surrounding a home, it's likely this one designed to keep movie fans away. Look familiar, Kevin?

Going to the Movies! via YouTube
Going to the Movies! via YouTube

Winnetka is about as close to Lake Michigan as you can get in the Chicago area without actually ending up underwater. The neighborhoods are quiet and safe which is a bit of a rarity for the Windy City.

I wouldn't advise road-tripping to this quaint Illinois city for a Home Alone nostalgia tour as it doesn't seem the current home owners are real fond of visitors. Can't say that I blame them as they just bought an exotic Illinois home and didn't plan on harboring Macaulay Culkin fans.

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Gallery Credit: Steve Jasinski, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Chicago - La Grange Office, Realtor.com

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