I’m going, to be honest here.  I really dislike social media.  Don’t get me wrong it can be useful and there are some parts about it that I do enjoy.  I like being able to see what old friends are up to and the occasional offensive meme.  The rest of it, however, can screw off.  (keeping it PG here)

I have talked about something similar to this before and again I will acknowledge the irony.  Yes, I work in the media and have to utilize social platforms like Facebook for my job.  But in my personal life, I have not been on Facebook for three weeks.  Let me tell you I have not felt better in quite some time.  Not seeing all the negative bs or ridiculous arguments has done my brain wonders.

I’m going to say something that might come as a shock to some people; it’s okay to be disconnected from other people for a bit.  You don’t have to know everything that is going on all the time.  Sometimes ignorance really is bliss.  One thing that I have loved not seeing these past few weeks are posts from people who clearly have no idea what they are talking about and pretending what they have said or shared is gospel.  Believe it or not, there are times where we don’t know as much as we think we do.

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I’ll wrap this up and get off my soapbox now.  Again, I do think there are some good things about social media.  I’ll be the first to admit I love scrolling through YouTube and Instagram.  Mainly because there is less of a chance, I am going to see the nonsense that seems to be on sites like Facebook and Twitter.  I can see stuff that not only am I interested in but I’ll see some happy news for a change.  Everyone loves a good pregnancy announcement post on IG, right?

To close this out, I’ll say this; if you have felt burnt out more so than usual, do yourself a favor and stay off Facebook for a week. Or at least a weekend.  Not seeing a bunch of negative stuff over and over again really does put you in such a better headspace.  Weird, I know.

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