It was my birthday wish to have a Cosmo, made by Bartender Joe at Guy Fieri's Smokehouse in Louisville. I also wanted to check out one of the restaurants that have been featured on Diners, Dive-Ins & Dives. 

I'm happy to report that both of things things happened!

I decided to check out gralehaus (So hip, that it doesn't need to be capitalized), since it was not only featured on Triple D, it was a suggestion from Food Network Star, Damaris Phillips. She's a frequent judge, and sometimes competitor on Guy's Grocery Games.

gralehaus on Baxter Ave in Louisville. Photo by Liberty

gralehaus is located in the old, yet very hip area of Louisville, called the Highlands. If you don't know what to look for, you'll drive right past it, because it looks just like the other houses in the residential area.

Photo by Liberty

This is actually a 'Bed & Beverage'. There are 3 guest rooms, but read all of the fine print before you decide to book a stay...NO children are allowed for the overnight stays, and only 1 or 2 people can stay in each room.

I'm a super picky eater, shocking, I know. So I went in with the intention of ordering a coffee to go,taking some pics, and asking the staff if they met Guy. I was also hoping to run into Damaris, since she still lives in the area. Spoiler Alert: That didn't happen.

My little to-go cup Photo by Liberty

I ordered, and I told the man that took my order that I stopped in, because it was featured on Triple D. He gave me a nod & smile...I guess he's heard that before, or everyone else that stops in is just too cool to mention it. I say that because the Highlands is a very hip (I'm sure there's a newer word for that, but I'm old).

I decided to try the french toast. But, this was just regular ole french toast...It was Chef's Choice Seasonal. What does that mean? Well, on this day, it was topped with Rice Krispies and some sort of maple.

Fanciest French Toast ever! Photo by Liberty

I'm not sure what the green or white stuff was, so I scooped it off. The toast and maple were quite delicious!

Outdoor patio. Photo by Liberty

The outdoor patio was hoppin', so I tried to sneak a pic, without looking like a weirdo.

Photo by Liberty

The atmosphere is very laid back. You place your order, and they bring it to you.

The kitchen is pretty open. Photo by Liberty

The gralehaus is only open for breakfast and lunch, brunch if you're fancy. The menu is way out of my pallet range, but if you like to branch out and try things like 'Duck Gravy', it's definitely worth the short drive from the Tri-State!