We all know that I am a sucker for some feel good news. Well let me tell you about a really great feel good story that involves three inmates from Gwinnett County.
According to a Facebook post from the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office, three inmates helped save an officer who had a medical emergency. A deputy was conducting his usual security procedure in the housing unit he was supervising. However, the inmates had noticed that this deputy was not feeling the greatest. They were spot on with this because when the deputy returned to his desk he lost consciousness. Not only that he fell out of his chair and split his head open on the concrete floor.

At the time this deputy was the only officer in the room. So three inmates, who were close enough to everything happen, started pounding their cell doors and yelling the officers name. Then once the rest of the cell block saw what was going on they joined in. By some miracle the downed officer was able to hear the commotion. Although he admitted later that he thought something was wrong with an inmate. Anyway, he was able to get to his feet for a split second to open the cell doors.

One this happened, three inmates ran over to the deputy who again lost consciousness. The inmates were able to radio/call for help. Help came right away and the officers was taken care of. You'll be happy to know that the deputy is fine and is recovering at home.

What makes this story so cool is who ended up helping who in this situation. You don't often hear of inmates and their C.O.'s having the best of relationships. In this case, however, this officer and the inmates have a mutual respect for each other. As there should be in any situation involving police and civilians. Yes, that includes inmates in jail. So kudos to those three inmates who did something great for someone else, even though they didn't have to.

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