The Indiana Primary Election is Tuesday May 8, 2018. I'm never really sure where I need to go and what I need to bring to vote. This year, I wasn't even sure if I was registered! This is your guide to voting, so no excuses not to get out & Vote tomorrow...Plus, you get a cool sticker :)

Am I Registered to Vote?

Follow this link, and click Check Voting Status. You'll input your name, birthday and county. Once you hit continue, the site will let you know if you are registered, your address, and where to vote.

What Time & Where Can I Vote?

Official voting hours are 6a-6p. The same link that checks your registered voter status will also show you where to vote. Keep in mind, you can actually vote at any polling location in your county.

What Do I Need to Bring to the Polls?

This is very important! Make sure you bring a valid government ID. There are some fine print details to keep in mind: Check your expiration date. If it's current or has expired since the last general election, you're good to go.

What if My Name or Address is Different on My ID?

Should any of the above listed fail-safes to vote a regular ballot not apply to you, then you may vote by provisional ballot.

Who is on the Ballot?

Since this is a Primary Election, some of the offices will only have 1 choice. Indiana primaries are "Closed", which means that you have to tell the clerk which Political Party you are choosing. You will only see the candidates that are running on that party's ticket. You are basically voting for the person that will go against the other candidate in the General Election in November. You can see the entire list of who's running Here




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