With your first glance at this picture, you might just think it's some woman showing off her freshly painted toenails while wearing a pair of flip-flops? No big deal, right? I mean, it might seem kind of strange considering the temperature is in the 30s right now, but whatever, some people handle the cold better than others.

Wait, What?

If you give the picture a second look, and maybe spend a little more time examining it, you might feel like something just seems off about it. The coloring in the feet looks about right, there are five toes on each foot. I would say the right foot looks a little more 'normal' than the left - there's something weird going on with the left big toe. And I don't think I've ever seen flip-flops that are shaped like these. I can't place my finger (or toe) on it, but something just seems off.

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What am I Looking At?

What if I told you that those weren't flip-flops after all? What if I told you they were actually a pair of socks made to look like a woman wearing flip-flops? Well, that is exactly what you're looking at. If you're like me, you're cracking up right now. Those things are brilliant, aren't they? They look so real. Even now that I know they are socks, I find myself looking at the picture thinking they are bare feet. Ha!

Facebook/Kate Moore
Facebook/Kate Moore

Thanks for Sharing

Those socks, and the feet inside of them, belong to my friend Kate, who shared this picture on her Facebook page. When she posted the picture, she didn't include anything with it - no description, no caption, no status, no nothing. I was kind of left scratching my head, wondering why she would share such a random picture. It didn't take long for some of her smarter friends to figure out what was really going on.

By the way, socks like these are available on Amazon, and I'm sure a bunch of other places, and they're pretty cheap too. Have fun fooling your friends.

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