Ice Cream For A Great Cause

Remember the good ole days when there were ice cream socials every Sunday? Yeah, me neither! But, there is going to be an Ice Cream Social for a great cause this Sunday, June 12, 2022, in Ft. Branch, IN.


What Is  Addiction Solutions Corp?

When someone decides to get sober from their addiction, sometimes it is difficult to get back on a good path. They might need to get away from others that are still drinking or doing drugs, or they may need a different type of support. That's where Addiction Solutions comes in. They are running a successful men's recovery home, but they are working toward opening a women's home.

I’ve known Some of the fine volunteers for this group for years, and some I’ve just met. But when I heard their story about how they are impacting lives and helping others in their recovery journey, I just knew we had to help. We met Kevin who runs the Mens Recovery home in Princeton a few months back when we donated to their Christmas program. As we talked, I learned there are more people than we know here locally that are struggling with addiction, homelessness and hopelessness. Addiction Solutions has provided these men a faith based living center to heal. Now they are looking to do the same thing in Princeton for women. They are raising private funds to build and or renovate a home for women battling these same struggles.

If you or someone that you know needs assistance with recovery housing call 812-396-8185 or Email:

hello-i-m-nik unsplash
hello-i-m-nik unsplash

Event Details:

Sunday, June 12, 2022, Flora June's Scoop Shop 100 E. Locust Ft. Branch

  • Ice cream 12 PM-8 PM
  • Music & Food 1 PM-4 PM
  • Shopping 10 AM-2 PM

 Shop The Block

If you are wondering where all of the food truck action will be this Sunday, June 12, 2022, let me tell you, Ft. Branch will be the hot spot. In addition to the Ice Cream Social fundraiser for  Addiction Solutions Corp., L & B Boutique will be hosting their Second Sunday Shop the Block event. There are going to be plenty of shopping opportunities and some of our favorite food trucks will be there too.

  • The Cheese Queen
  • Sweet Dreams A La Mode
  • Chino Taco

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