It's not an exaggeration, it's not hyperbole - it's true, you really could save Christmas for a child in need with a simple shoebox. It's might be hard to believe that receiving a shoebox from a stranger would create so much joy in a child's life, but it's absolutely true, and now's the time for YOU to be responsible for some of that joy.

Operation Christmas Child, a part of Samaritan's Purse, gives you the opportunity to be a part of the Amazing Journey of a Simple Shoebox. From packing to collecting, to shipping to worldwide distribution, it begins with you, and results in evangelism, discipleship, and multiplication. November 16-22 is the National Collection Week, so we asked Operation Christmas Child's Ben Smith to Be MY Guest and tell us about this year's program and how it's been affected by the pandemic, and to tell us more about the kids that need our help.

Operation Christmas Child - Ben Smith interview

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It's one thing to read about Operation Christmas Child, or to hear us talk about it, but there's nothing like actually seeing it in action. Ben traveled to the Ukraine to deliver shoeboxes back in 2018, and he was kind enough to share some heartwarming pictures from that experience.

Operation Christmas Child Delivers Shoebox Gifts

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