During the annual West Side Nut Club Fall Festival (10/4-10/9), tens of thousands of people will head down to Franklin Street to consume a ton of food from over 100 vendor booths, and in the process, help raise a boatload of money for over 100 local non-profit organizations. And after canceling the 2020 festival, I'm sure this year is going to be bigger than ever, which can be really exciting for some folks, but can also be pretty stressful for others. The others I'm referring to here are parents of young kids.

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With all of the distractions we encounter down on Franklin Street - the sights, the smells, the music, the rides, the games, the friends you haven't seen in over a year - it is frighteningly easy how quickly a kiddo can get separated from their family. Fall Festival organizers encourage parents to use a simple and effective program before they find themselves in that kind of situation. Once again this year, the Nut Club is teaming up with the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Department to offer the "Find a Parent" program.

How the 'Find a Parent' Program Works

  1. Parents and their child/children first need to visit the Lost & Found booth located in the median at the intersection of 11th and Franklin Street.
  2. One of the deputies at the booth will give your child a special wristband that includes the phone number of his/her parent or guardian.
  3. The parent should then instruct their child that, if they happen to get lost, they should find a police officer or a Nut Club member.
  4. The Nut Clubber or the officer can then use the wristband to contact the lost child's parent and get them reunited.
  5. The program is available M-F from 4pm-7pm.

It's a simple concept, but not necessarily one you might think of on your own. With a coordinated effort like this, the odds of reconnecting lost kids with their parents increase dramatically. So if you're bringing little ones to the Fall Festival, make sure your first stop is at this booth to get your wristband(s).

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