The Easterseals Rehabilitation Center had to temporarily close their main facility on Bellmeade Avenue until the coronavirus quarantine is lifted. But despite that closure, they have found ways to still provide the essential services that patients need in their lives. Easterseals has been a part of the Tri-State since 1946, and the coronavirus can't keep them from helping their friends!

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Maybe you're not exactly sure what they do at the Rehab Center, I know I didn't before I started working with them. Our good friend Pam Kirk has been with Easterseals for over 25 years. She is the Director of Marketing & Community Relations and she recently came on the MY Morning Show to chat about how Easterseals is dealing with everything these days. She is much more qualified to tell you about the various programs still being offered for patients.

Hopefully you heard the part about the annual Easterseals Telethon being rescheduled. That new date is (as of right now) Sunday, July 19th. Do you also hear that the Rehab Center is way, way behind in donations? That's no surprise, right...but that also doesn't mean we can just accept it. We/You need to do something about it. To get the most bang for your buck, an anonymous 'friend' of Easterseals has agreed to match all donations right now, up to $10,000! So you need to donate now and double your money.



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