I'm not a big fan of changing our clocks ahead one hour like we did this past weekend. Ugh. Who's with me?  I can't seem to get my body out of feeling tired!  


Since the beginning of time, (haha) or ever since I can remember, the hardest for me to adjust to the time change is Springing Forward!  I think many of you may agree!  The Monday afterwards is always the hardest.  Around noon today I found myself starting to fall asleep! So how do you cope with the time change?

I did some investigating.  I found these helpful tips on Webmd.com for Coping with the Effects of Daylight Saving Time and how to reset your internal clock to adapt more quickly:

  • Expose yourself to light during waking hours as much as possible.
  • Go to bed a little earlier than normal.
  • To help you fall asleep:
  •    1.  Take a hot bath
  •    2.  Reduce or eliminate caffeine and alcohol
  •    3.  Exercise several hours before bedtime
  •    4.  Going to bed and rising the same time every day

Another thing I do personally, is drinking a hot cup of herbal tea before bedtime and that seems to help relax me.  But, it doesn't fix my problem of feeling tired during the day after the time change!  Is there something that helps you during the time change to adjust more quickly?  Share your comments on My 105.3 WJLT Facebook Page!



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