Teresa Roy's Remarkable Career with the Evansville Police Department

In a career spanning an impressive 38 years, 1 month, and 1 day, Teresa Roy recently bid farewell to her role within the Evansville Police Department. Throughout this remarkable journey, Teresa has donned numerous hats, each one contributing to her legacy within the walls of the department's headquarters.


Investigations and More

One of Teresa's key roles was as the Investigative Technician in the Investigations Unit. Here, she wore the hats of a transcriptionist and an analytical mind, offering invaluable support to detective units. Her meticulous work in transcribing interviews and analyzing handwriting played a crucial role in advancing several investigations, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to upholding the law.

Policeman's Ball

Teresa's dedication extended beyond investigative duties. She played an instrumental role in supporting the Evansville Police Foundation, particularly in the realms of graphic design and program creation for the annual Policeman's Ball. Her creative prowess shone through, leaving an indelible mark on these events.


Fancy Facebook

In the digital age, Teresa leveraged her creativity to foster community engagement through the EPD Facebook page. Her posts, ranging from positive community interactions to historical insights, resonated with the public. She consistently found innovative ways to showcase the pride and professionalism embodied by the Evansville Police Department, using the virtual platform to its fullest potential.

A Passion for History

However, it was Teresa's profound passion for the history of the EPD that truly set her apart. Her wealth of knowledge and deep-rooted interest led her to become the department's historian. In a remarkable initiative, Teresa spearheaded a project to create an EPD history book, a tribute to 150 years of policing in Evansville. Her efforts in preserving and sharing this rich legacy will undoubtedly leave an enduring impact on the department and the community it serves.

Legacy Continues

As Teresa steps into retirement, her dedication and contributions to the Evansville Police Department will be remembered and celebrated. Her legacy extends far beyond her time served, touching the lives of colleagues and community members alike. In the words of Erick Jones, "You were the first to show me an image of my great-grandfather, and your historical knowledge..." – a testament to the profound impact Teresa Roy has had on the department and the individuals she served.

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