For this week's edition of Be MY Guest, we asked a couple of ladies from Holly's House here in Evansville to come in tell us about their new prevention program developed for preschool students. We were joined by Kristine Cordts, the Executive Director of Holly's House, and by Crystal Sisson, their Director of Prevention.

What Is Holly's House?

Before we go any further, I think it's important to remind you of what Holly's House is - it's "a non-residential child and adult victim advocacy center. Our mission is to empower victims of intimate crime and abuse by providing support, promoting justice, and preventing violence. Our vision is to be a leader in preventing intimate crime​ and supporting victims and their families while bringing awareness to the community."

How Does Holly's House Teach Prevention?

We've talked before about Think First & Stay Safe, one of the most important programs at Holly's House. It is a classroom-based program that teaches K-6th grade students how to

  • "Identify and Outsmart the Lures that are consistently used in predatory crimes against children, most often by someone known to the child.
  • Use Personal Safety Skills to improve self-reliance, raise self-esteem, while being reassured that most people are kind, safe and committed to their well-being."
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Holly's House has seen how important this information has been for students in our Evansville-area schools, and now they are introducing it to even younger students - our preschoolers - with the new PreK Body Safety Curriculum.

Who better to ask about this new program than the woman who created it? Crystal Sisson the Director of Prevention at Holly's House, and has all of the details in the interview below. Please take a listen...

Be MY Guest with Holly's House

Would you like Holly's House to bring this new program (or Think First & Stay Safe) to your school or preschool? Reach out to for more information. I would also highly recommend you take a few minutes to look over the Prevention Resources that Holly's House makes available.

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