Back in March, Holly's House was all set to host their biggest fundraiser of 2020 - a brand new event called Hoops for Holly's House. As the name suggest, the event revolved around basketball, the NCAA tournament to be exact. You don't need me to tell you what happened next, and the cancellation of the Hoops event was a big hit to Holly's House. They're not just gonna roll over and play dead - their services are too important to do that.

Holly's House just launched an online auction, through their Facebook page, in the hopes of raising a bunch of money they missed out on earlier this year. So, the auction is live now and will wrap up at 9pm on Thursday, October 22nd - which also happens to be the night of their Holly's House Highlights Community All-Stars event. The auction is being hosted entirely on this Facebook event page. You can see all of the items under the 'Discussion' tab, and to bid, all you need to do comment the amount you want to bid.

Ali Nicholson is the Development Director for Holly's House and she joined us for our Be MY Guest segment. We talked about the the auction and the All-Stars event that it leads up to on Thursday. You can hear our interview below.

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