As a Cubs fan, I can tell you that there was not a lot for us to get excited about during Saturday's game against the Cincinnati Reds (they whooped us 10-1). There was, however, one entertaining aspect of the game...and that was when one Cubs fan, from Evansville, proposed to his special someone on national TV.

Jeremy knew his gal Beth was watching the game. I'm sure she was surprised to see him standing behind home plate, holding up some sort of homemade sign...a sign that asked Beth to marry him. She was probably just as surprised when Jeremy was visited by the Reds broadcast team to talk about his impromptu proposal. She said yes by the way! (See the video below)

Liberty and I have determined that we absolutely MUST meet this guy! In fact, we'd like to go a step further and offer my services, as an ordained marriage officiate and Cubs fan, to perform their wedding ceremony. So we're asking for your help. Anyone who knows Jeremy or Beth, could you please have them contact us, or let us know how to contact them?

They can email us at or can message us on Facebook...they can also send us an AppChat message through the MY105.3 app. Come on friends, let's make this happen!

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