You've probably heard the term "burying the lead" before, right? I have been guilty of doing that myself, but that's not what I'm doing here. I'm gonna get right to the good stuff.

The Greater Evansville Ball Halls of Fame is selling tickets to this Sunday's game (7/30) between the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium for just $10 each. That is an absolute steal! But you better not wait if you are interested - there are less than 100 tickets left (it could be even less by now). You can purchase tickets by calling Tim Turpin at (812)430-2725.


Why Are These Tickets So Cheap?

This really is a win-win situation. You are not only getting tickets that would probably cost you 10 times more than you're paying, but you're also helping raise money for the Greater Evansville Ball Halls of Fame. And one other bonus win is that you get to see two games on Sunday. Following the Cubs vs. Cardinals game, 40 Tri-State youth baseball players will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take the field and play an exhibition game at Busch Stadium. So, to answer my question, these tickets are so cheap because they are part of a fundraiser, so they are no good after this weekend. They've gotta get sold, and that's why the price has been reduced so much.

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Celebrating Over 100 Years of Indiana Sports

Indiana sports lovers have the opportunity to attend two more big events coming up soon - the 2nd Annual Indiana Sports Hall of Fame Induction Banquet Weekend.

Friday, August 11th: "A Sports Night To Remember" is a silent auction fundraiser featuring several guest speakers, including Evansville native, Castle High School graduate, and former MLB player Jamey Carrol. The headline speaker that night will be former MLB star from the "Big Red Machine" Cincinnati Reds - George Foster. Get more information and tickets here.

Saturday, August 12th: The 2nd Annual Indiana Sports Hall of Fame Induction Banquet. Doors open at 4pm, followed by dinner at 5pm, and ISHOF inductions beginning at 6pm. Call 812-430-2725 to Reserve Your Tables or visit

Inside Yadier Molina's St. Louis Mansion

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