What's the first word that comes to mind when you think of Lynn Miller Pease? For most folks that know Lynn, I bet they would say 'passion.' It seems like whatever Lynn is doing, she is doing with passion - she is all in. That is most definitely true when it comes to running the show at Leadership Everyone. Considering how passionate she is for serving our community and working so hard to make it better, we wondered if Lynn would be equally passionate about the nonsensical questions we asked her during This or That.

Right off the bat, we (unknowingly) put her between a rock and hard place when we asked her to choose between two of her alma maters. It was no problem for Lynn, though, and she gave us a perfect answer to should make everyone happy. I can tell you that Liberty and I were both shocked by Lynn's answer to our third question. Okay, "shocked" might be a little strong, but were definitely surprised - and her answer was immediate, no hesitation. She knows what she wants!

Lynn Miller Pease This or That

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