Swimply is a new app that works like Airbnb, but you are just renting a residential pool. Right now, there is only one that is available in the Evansville area, so this would be a good time to 'jump in' and make some money if you have a pool.

The question of insurance and liability immediately popped into my head. So many things could happen around a pool, especially if you're planning a party. According to Swimply, hosting through their service provides you with a one-million-dollar general liability policy. If that sets your mind at ease, and you are thinking about renting your swimming pool, here is how it works.

How to Rent Your Pool with Swimply

You don't have to pay anything upfront to list your pool with Swimply. The first-of-its-kind service makes a commission from your bookings. Swimply takes 15% of what the Host makes. So basically, if you charge $50 per hour and someone books 2 hours, you will make $85.

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You Must be the Homeowner

Do not be tempted to rent out your neighbor's pool! Seriously, you do have to be the homeowner to list the pool. This means if you rent, live in an apartment with a pool, or you are staying with someone that has a pool, you are not allowed to rent it through Swimply.

Evansville Area Swimply Listings

So, do we have any pools for rent in the Evansville area? During my search, I found one listing in Newburgh IN. Ocavius has a 'Beautiful Newburgh Oasis' that rents for $30 an hour on the weekend. Now that city pools are closed for the season, this could be a good opportunity for you to share your pool, and maybe save up for Christmas.

Homes for Sale Around the Tri-State with Pools

Ever dream of having a home with your very own pool? Summer 2021 is coming up and we found several area homes that feature a beautiful pool and they are all for sale! *Prices and availability subject to change!

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A beach has popped up in the middle of Downtown Evansville.

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