Imagine my surprise as I'm scrolling through Facebook and I see a couple of photos from our friends at Evansville Watch of the Evansville riverfront with a caption that reads:

"Check welfare/ Possible Water Rescue- Riverside Drive. Downtown Evansville Riverfront. Person in river trying to push large try and ride it. Subject has a hatchet and appears to be chopping at the tree."


You can bet that I took a moment to examine the photos... and the comments. It does appear that a man has made his way into the flooded Ohio River and boarded a downed tree all while wielding a hatchet! To make things even more interesting, a follower of Evansville Watch, named Mary Klassen captured video of the man. Mary was nice enough to let us use that video. Take a look!

There is no official word yet on who the man is, why he decided to pretend to be Huck Fin or why on earth he was carrying a hatchet in downtown Evansville to begin with, but we will update you as soon as we learn more details. Here is the original post shared with permission from Evansville Watch.