One engineer got really tired of people stealing packages from his porch, so he decided to get back at the package thieves with the best kind of revenge...glitter!


This year, more than ever before people are ordering Christmas gifts online. One thing that always worries me about ordering packages online are days I work, the package can be left unattended, and sometimes it can be left that way for a few hours.  Luckily *knock on wood* I haven't had any issues with package theft, but I know some friends that it has happened to, and it is extremely frustrating.  So while I hope you never have dealt with package theft, this may be a solution for you if you do ever deal with it.

Mark Rober is a YouTuber, who also happens to be super smart. He's an engineer who even worked for NASA! He gotten a little tired of packages being stolen from his porch so he decided revenged is best served with glitter and fart spray.

He created a dummy package that looked like it came from Apple.  Inside there's 4 phones to record a 360 degree video, there's also a can of fart spray, oh and a ton of glitter. When the unsuspecting package thief opens the box, glitter explodes and their reactions are caught on camera!

But I'll let the professional explain more in depth, check out Mark's video below!

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