Dry cracked heels are something I deal with not just in the winter, but, almost year 'round!  Here's some ideas for smoother feet!

I love, love getting pedicures, but, I can't afford getting them all the time! So, I recently purchased a new pedi scrubber with hopes of soft heels again.  Seems no matter what I purchase over the counter, my heels are still continually hard, dry, and cracked.  Ewww.  I’ve used pumice stones, ultra shea butter creams, and other products and I still have ugly looking heels!

I've been using the Spongeables Pedi Scrub Citron Eucalyptus Aromatherapy Foot Buffer for about a week now. It’s taking the surface dead skin off but, I think I really need a heavy duty steel wool SOS pad!  lol.

I looked up the Top 10 Remedies for cracked heels and found these top picks.:

  1. NatraCure Vented Moisturizng Gel Heel Sleeves
  2. Miracle of Aloe Heel Stick gel socks
  3. Dr. Entre’s Foot Balm
  4. Nado Care Moisturizng Socks
  5. Kerasal Intensive Foot Repair Exfoliating Moisturizer
  6. Ancient Greek Remedy 100% Organic Therapy Foot Butter Balm
  7. Rx Skin Care Antifungal CreaM
  8. Miracle of Aloe Heel Stick 2.5 oz Stick Pack
  9. PurSources Urea 40% Foot Cream
  10. Curveland Foot Treatment Therapeutic Moisturizer Cream

I have not purchased any of these (yet) but, will have to at least try a few and see if they work. Have you used any of the above products? Or do you know of a great DIY remedy? Share your stories here, on our Facebook, and on the MY 1053 APP!   I'd love to know what works!  - Deb Turner  #crackedupinmyheels

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