It's really easy to find bad news these days. Just look at your newsfeed or any news channel. Finding good news might be a challenge, but sharing stories like these are easy.

Officer Daniel Hopper probably looks familiar to you, if you've ever gone to Guns & Hoses or if you have one of the 911 Gives Hope calendars. Kids on his beat in Mt. Carmel know him as 'The Cool Cop'. Okay, I might be the only one calling him that, but he is known for giving ice pops to kiddos.

Whitney Baker is an Admin for the Helpful Information Around Mt.carmel Illinois and Surrounding Areas Facebook group. She shared this special shout-out for Officer Hopper:

Appreciation post! Officer Hopper is passing out popsicles to kids in the community. He stopped by and gave my son one to enjoy.
Thank you Officer Hopper for being active in the community and doing something so small to make a huge impact!

Kelly Sanders "I’d like to see FB flooded with tons of these much less stressful. I believe there is way much more good moments than bad but the good never gets reported. Generally people are mostly nice."

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