This might be one of those 'Only in Indiana' stories. It's not everyday that you see a horse and buggy, unless you are in the Loogootee, Indiana area. Northern Indiana has a rich history of Amish. In fact, in 2019, the Amish population in Indiana was 57,430 [Wikipedia]

Monday afternoon, Trooper Andrew Beaver got the call about a runaway horse and buggy. Thankfully, no one was injured, and the horse and buggy were returned to the owner. All in a day's work, right?

Earlier today Trooper Beaver got a call of a loose horse and buggy. Trooper Beaver was able to find and catch the horse and buggy. During the incident the buggy hit Beavers patrol car. Thank goodness no one was hurt and the horse and buggy were returned to its owner. Good job Trooper Beaver.

Sharon Reece "Amish gone wild!"

David Green Leave it to Beaver!

James Lucas So he pit maneuver the horse and buggy

Douglas Clarence Gehrke Only 5 cases of Busch Light worth of damage. I know no Amish people will read this. But they know what I’m talking about. 

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