It's quite rare to see a bunch of positive comments on 1 social media post, especially on a police Facebook page. I came across this good news story, and I held my breath as I read through the comments. As I scrolled, I realized that they were all pretty positive, and that makes this even better news!

An anonymous citizen paid for Evansville Police Department officers and the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's deputies to eat lunch from Jayson Munoz Caters. Oh, did I mention that this very generous person paid for all 3 shifts to eat? That's super good news!

Today a citizen did something very kind. Today a citizen paid for all three shifts of Evansville Police Department Officers and Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office Deputies to have lunch catered by Jayson Munoz Caters. We are so very fortunate to have a community that shows us so much support. We can not thank you all enough.


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